RPAMD1 Desktop Design RPAMD1 Manual Control
Desktop Design Manual Control
RPAMD1 2 Workplaces
9 Basic Experiments For 2 Team Members
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Lifetime Support

2-year warranty & further tech back up

Misuse excused

Protection from short circuits, negligence & damage

Didactic guides

Step-by-step tutorials included for your quick start


Add extra modules needed or remove unwanted ones

Relay protection (Transmission line high-set overcurrent protection. Transmission line instant current cutoff. High-set overcurrent protection of radial electrical grid with single supply. Transmission line differential protection. Transformer differential protection. Transmission line circuit breaker high-set overcurrent protection. Thermal electrical relay thermal protection of electrical grid)

Automation (Automatic activation of backup of electrical load supply. Transmission line autoreclosing)
Single-phase Power Supply;
Electrical Transmission Line Model;
Push-button Control Station;
Light Signaling Module;
Electrothermal Relay;
Automatic Single-pole Switch;
Overcurrent Relay;
Undervoltage Relay;
Time Relay;
Interposing Relay;
Single-phase Transformer;
Current Transformer;
Current & Time Meter;
Desktop Frame;
Accessories Kit
Width х Depth х Height: 910 х 350 х 400 mm
Weight: ~15 kg
Power supply: 220 V / 50 Hz
Appliance Class: I
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