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DMTFCD1 2 Workplaces
21 Basic Experiments For 2 Team Members
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Covers the following minimal curriculum (including but not limited to):

Testing basic logical elements (NOT, AND, OR, AND-NOT, OR-NOT, ХOR, NXOR)

Assembly and test of simple combinational nodes of digital devices (Combinational node using basic logic elements to implement arbitrary logic function. Combinational nodes using basic logic elements for experimental confirmation of logic algebra laws. Single-digit half-adder and adder. Code converter and decoder. Multiplexer and demultiplexer)

Assembly and test of sequential nodes of digital devices (Triggers. Counters. Registers)

Study of basic features of programming environment

Coding of microcontroller timer (Generation of delay by means of timer. Generation of signal of predetermined frequency. Measuring external signal length by means of timer. Study of counter with programmable division factor based on timer. Using interruptions in microcontroller coding. Coding analog-to-digital microcontroller. Study of digital-to-analog converter on basis of microcontroller pulse-width modulation signals)

Signal transfer along sequential transmission channels (Data transmission using channel SPI. Data transmission using channel USART)

Using microcontroller in applications (Measuring time intervals. Measuring temperature)
Single-phase Power Supply
Testing Digital Devices Module
“Fundamentals Of Digital Technology” Minimodules Set
“Microcontrollers” Mini-modules Set
Desktop Container With 1-level Frame
Accessories Kit
Notebook With Software
Width х Depth х Height : 530 х 500 х 400 mm
Weight: ~10 kg
Power supply: 220 V / 50 Hz
Appliance Class: I
Basic Experiments Guide