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92 Basic Experiments For 2 Team Members
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Covers the following minimal curriculum (including but not limited to):

Electric DC circuits (Parameters of electrical DC circuit. Ohm's law. Resistor circuits: Linear resistors, Heat-variable resistor with negative temperature factor, Heat-variable resistor with positive temperature factor, Varistor, Photoresistor, Series resistor connection, Parallel resistor connection, Seriesparallel resistor connection, Resistance voltage divider. Voltage (EMF) source Series connection of voltage (EMF) source. Parallel connection of voltage (EMF) source. Electrical power and energy. Electrical efficiency. Voltage, current and power matching between voltage (EMF) source and load. Charge and discharge of capacitor. Switching-on and switching-offcircuit with inductor)

Electric AC circuits (Parameters of sinusoidal voltage and current. Circuits of sinusoidal current with capacitors. Circuits of sinusoidal current with inductors. Circuits of sinusoidal current with resistors, capacitors and inductors. Transformers: Magnetic linkage factor, Transformation factor, Resistance conversion by means of transformer. Three-phase circuits of sinusoidal current. Failure modes of three-phase circuit when load connected star. Failure modes of three-phase circuit when load connected delta. Circuits with nonsinusoidal applied voltage. Transients in linear circuits)

Long-distance line (Voltage distribution along homogeneous long-distance line. Input resistance of long-distance transmission line as function of its electrical length and load resistance. Reflected waves)

Electronic devices (Rectifier diodes: Diode characteristics: Single-phase half-wave uncontrolled rectifier, Single-phase bridgecircuit uncontrolled rectifier, Three-phase bridge-circuit uncontrolled rectifier, Threephase zero uncontrolled rectifier. Stabilitron: Characteristics, Parametric voltage stabilizer, Smoothing ripples of rectified voltage. Diodes with special properties (LED, Varicap). Bipolar transistors: Testing layers and study of rectifying action of bipolar transistors, Distribution of current in the transistor and the control effect of the base current of the transistor, Transistor characteristics, Setting the operating point of the transistor, and study of effect of resistor in the collector circuit to the voltage gain of the amplifier stage with a common emitter, Amplifiers using bipolar transistors, Linear voltage regulator, Linear current regulator. Unipolar (field) transistors: Testing layers and study of rectifying action of unipolar transistors, Turn-on of transistor gate, Control effect of n-type transistor gate, The output characteristics of transistor, Amplifiers. Thyristors: Characteristics of diode thyristor, Characteristics of triode thyristor. Phase control of thyristor. Logic elements (AND, OR, NO, NAND, NOR). Operational amplifiers: Inverting amplifier, Non-inverting amplifier, Summing amplifier, Differential amplifier, Dynamics of operational amplifier)
Voltage Generators Module;
Single-phase Power Supply;
Testing Board;
Long-distance Line Model;
Module Of Two Multimeters;
Mini-modules Set “Electric And Electronic Elements”;
Mini-modules Set “Transformers”;
Computer Table Laboratory Table With 2-section Container and 1-level Frame;
Accessories Kit;
Personal Computer With Software
Width х Height х Depth: 1820 х 1300 х 850 mm
Weight: ~75 kg
Power supply: 220 V / 50 Hz
Appliance Class: I
Basic Experiments Guide