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28 Basic Experiments For 2 Team Members
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Covers the following minimal curriculum (including but not limited to):

Electrical and magnetic circuits

DC circuits (Parameters of electrical DC circuit. Volt-ampere characteristics of nonlinear elements in DC circuit)

Single-phase AC circuits (Series connection of elements R, L and С (sinusoidal current). Parallel capacitor-inductor connection)

Three-phase AC circuits (Star connection of three-phase electrical load. Delta connection of three-phase electrical load. Failure modes of three-phase circuit with load connected star. Failure modes of three-phase circuit with load connected delta)

Magnetic circuits (DC magnetic circuits. AC magnetic circuits. Test of single-phase transformer)

Fundamentals of electronics (Single-phase rectifier. Three-phase bridge-circuit controlled rectifier. Controlled rectifiers and thyristor regulator. Two-stage transistor amplifier. DC voltage stabilizer. RS-trigger, multivibrator and single-shot trigger. Circuits with operational amplifiers)

Electrical machines and drives

DC generator with independent excitation (No-load characteristic E0=f(IF). Short cir-cuit characteristic ISC=f(IF). Characteristics U = f (I), IF = f (I) and U = f (IF)

DC motor (Electromechanical (speed) characteristic n = f (I). Mechanical characteristics n = f (M)

Three-phase squirrel-cage induction motor (Electromechanical (speed) characteristic n = f (I). Mechanical characteristic n = f (M)
Electromechanical Unit (DC Machine, AC Motor and Angle-to-digit Converter);
Three-phase Power Supply;
Voltage Generators & Testing Board Module;
Single-phase Power Supply; Active Load;
Adjustable Autotransformer;
Tachometer with a stand;
Three Multimeters Module;
“Electrical And Electronic Components” Mini-modules Set;
Double-level Frame With Container;
Accessories Kit;
Single-channel Oscilloscope
Width х Height х Depth: 910 х 850 х 1600 mm
Weight: ~80 kg
Power supply: 220 V / 50 Hz
Appliance Class: I
Basic Experiments Guide