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EMCEFMD1 2 Workplaces
76 Basic Experiments For 2 Team Members
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Covers the following minimal curriculum (including but not limited to):

Electrical and magnetic circuits (Linear DC circuits. AC circuits. Three-phase circuits. Transients in linear electrical circuits. Quadripoles. Distributed-element circuits. Nonlinear electric and magnetic circuits)

Fundamentals of analog electronics (Semiconductors. Electronic circuits and microcircuitry. Stabilizers and secondary sources of power supply)

Fundamentals of digital electronics (Testing basic logic elements. Assembly and test of simple combinational nodes of digital devices. Assembly and test of sequential nodes of digital devices)
Voltage Generators Module with Testing Board;
Single-phase power supply;
Long-distance line Model Module;
Two Multimeters Module;
“Fundamentals of digital electronics” Minimodules Set;
“Analog electronics – Electrical components” Minimodules Set;
“Analog electronics – Electronic components” Minimodules Set;
“Electromagnetic components” Minimodules Set;
Desktop container with 1-level frame;
Accessories Kit;
Two-channel Digital Oscilloscope (optional)
Width х Height х Depth: 1820 х 400 х 500 mm
Weight: ~15 kg
Power supply: 220 V / 50 Hz
Appliance Class: I
Basic Experiments Guide