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31 Basic Experiments For 1 Team Member
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1. Linear DC circuits.
1.1. Measurements of resistance, current, voltage and electrical power in DC circuits.
1.2. Series connection of resistors.
1.3. Parallel connection of resistors.
1.4. Series-parallel connection of resistors.
1.5. Power transmission from active two-pole circuit to load.
2. AC circuits.
2.1. Series connection of elements R, L and С (sinusoidal current).
2.2. Frequency characteristics of series resonant circuit.
2.3. Parallel connection of inductance and capacitor.
2.4. Frequency characteristics of parallel resonant circuit.
2.5. Parameters of inductively connected coils.
2.6. Circuits with nonsinusoidal applied voltage.
3. Three-phase circuits.
3.1. Star connection of three-phase electrical load.
3.2. Delta connection of three-phase electrical load.
3.3. Failure modes of three-phase circuit when load connected star.
3.4. Failure modes of three-phase circuit when load connected delta.
3.5. Voltage filter of negative-phase sequence.
4. Transients in linear electrical circuits.
4.1. Charge and discharge of capacitor.
4.2. Switching-in and fault in circuit with inductor.
4.3. Transients in circuit with resistors and capacitor.
4.4. Switching-on and switching-off circuit with inductor.
4.5. Transients in R-L-C circuit.
5. Quadripoles.
5.1. Parameters of passive quadripole.
5.2. Frequency characteristics of quadripole (low-pass filter).
5.3. Simplest integral and differential quadripoles.
6. Nonlinear electric and magnetic circuits
6.1. Volt-ampere characteristics of nonlinear elements in DC circuit.
6.2. Linearized parameters of bipolar transistor.
6.3. DC Magnetic circuits.
6.4. AC Magnetic circuits.
6.5. Resonance in series circuit of nonlinear inductor and capacitor.
6.6. Test of single-phase transformer.
6.7. Single-phase rectifier.
Main portable module containing:
- Voltage Generators Module with testing board
- Two multimeters
- Wattmeter
- Double-channel digital oscilloscope
- Accessories Kit
Mini-modules set “Electrical and electronic components” (in a separate case 330х260х80 mm)
Width х Height х Depth:
- 440 х 370 х 180 mm (main module)
- 330 х 260 х 80 mm (minimodules case)
Weight: ~13 kg
Power supply: 220 V / 50 Hz
Appliance Class: I
Basic Experiments Guide